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Solenoid Valve Rexroth

Selling Rexroth solenoid valve at low prices

There are many models, specifications and brands of solenoid valves on the Indonesian market, one of which is Rexroth's solenoid valve. Rexroth is experienced in designing and developing solenoid valves with various features and advantages, such as the Rexroth M-3SED 6 CK13 solenoid valve. This product only uses 24VDC & 220VAVC voltage.

In general, a solenoid valve is a mechanical device that is used as a control valve. Solenoids rely on electrical energy as a power source. Rexroth solenoid valve is manufactured from high quality metal material so it is very sturdy and able to withstand the pressure in the pipe.

Our products are of superior quality so they can be used for a long service life.
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